Services and Model

We have designed The Collective, the services it offers and the way we work with our clients to be as fluid, flexible and above all, productive as possible. Whether that is as a traditional consultancy, as a powerful collective of any shape or form or indeed as a fully in-sourced go-to-market solution, helping build a client's business from the inside.

We will listen to what you require and build a bespoke solution fitting of your needs. Our unique value-based framework model helps pinpoint exactly where your business requires additional input and we put part of our fees on the line by way of performance-related remuneration.

Our services are as follows and if you would like to hear more about our value-driving model, please do get in touch.

Insight & intelligence

The Partners at The iGaming Collective hold a unique amount and variety of experience within the iGaming category, having held senior director-level positions in respected, global organisations.

As such, we are in an unparalleled position to provide senior industry and institutional stakeholders with informed observations of market opportunity and insight, competitive positioning, strategic growth drivers and how companies can take advantage of these as part of their own commercial growth strategy.

Emerging market strategy & GTM planning

Unquestionably, the UK, Australia and Western Europe are the world’s most advanced, regulated iGaming markets. But as these markets have reached the point of saturation, resulting in widespread consolidation, it is essential that ambitious gaming operators, hungry for growth and new opportunities, look to emerging and newly regulated markets.

Having executed go-to-market plans in the US, Latam and Africa whilst inside established operators, The iGaming Collective is perfectly placed to help you identify new market opportunities and to build and execute end-to-end go-to-market plans.

Product strategy

Even if you have the best marketing strategy, you will not be able to keep hold of your customers in an ever-more saturated market if you don’t have the right product.

The iGaming Collective will help make sure you build your Product Strategy from the ground-up and ensure you are creating products that are solving real customer problems and driving continued growth. Through our series of workshops, we will help you build your product vision and objectives, set customer outcomes and key results, and ultimately ensure your product roadmap will deliver the best possible customer experiences. 

EnTech: Data and MarTech

Gartner says that marketers utilize only 58% of their MarTech stack’s potential, citing a lack of training, a lack of credible integration and a lack of MarTech talent recruitment as being the largest impediments to its effectiveness.

The iGaming Collective has created EnTech to help operators cut through all of the jargon and help them understand exactly what it is they are looking to achieve. Headed up by Sam Talbot, a veteran of successful MarTech strategies at Bet365, Sky Bet and PokerStars and supported by data, tech and CX experts, EnTech will help you get back on a profitable and effective course.



Brand strategy & proposition development

Going beyond the logo and a visual identity! As the global iGaming sector matures and product commoditisation becomes prevalent, the strongest point of differentiation and driver of long-term choice will be brand. Ignoring this will put your business in the race to the bottom.

The iGaming Collective helps your wider business appreciate the power of a true brand and deliver credible strategies to allow your own to stand out from the crowd and be the North Star for all internal functions to follow and deliver against. A game-changer.

Brand partnerships

Identifying, establishing and activating powerful brand partnerships should be a key pillar of all iGaming companies’ brand strategy. The right brand partnerships can open up new audiences & attract new customers, accelerate new market entry, establish trust & credibility and deliver increased engagement with existing customers.

With an understanding of your goals, The iGaming Collective can help you establish a successful brand partnership strategy – from conception through to activation, including asset prioritisation, rights valuation and commercial negotiation.

Performance marketing strategy, planning & execution

Delivered by experienced channel and adtech specialists, this enhanced strategy and roll-out programme is designed to deliver incremental new customer growth at an acceptable cost. We can work as an insourced team and deliver the plan ourselves for you or collaborate with your internal teams to fine-tune existing approaches.

The iGaming Collective can consult on all facets of performance marketing including team structures, the adtech stack and its configuration, media planning, campaign management, data ingestion, reporting and advanced marketing measurement methodologies.

Creative, media & CRM service provider procurement

Having the right, best-in-class partners is an essential ingredient to achieving your growth objectives.

The iGaming Collective can provide full end-to-end procurement services designed to ensure the right service providers are chosen based on their skill sets, appropriateness and commercial propositions.

Mentoring & development

The world of work is moving so quickly that we very often forget about the critical human resource and its importance in business and employee growth.

The iGaming Collective is passionate about providing a safe and beneficial space for young, up-and-coming talent in the industry. As such, all of our Partners provide free mentoring for clients, helping their best talent review their career aspirations and day-to-day challenges to achieving them.

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