EnTech is The iGaming Collective’s Data and MarTech division. We specialise in harnessing customer data to power profitable growth by focusing on these 3 key drivers:

Marketing Efficiency: Improving the effectiveness of your digital marketing spend 

Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalised, relevant, and timely content and customer journeys 

Actives Growth: Retaining existing profitable customers and converting new prospects

We know that the MarTech landscape can be somewhat overwhelming, with multiple platform providers offering similar services, often leading to an over-engineered platform architecture which is never fully integrated and a strategy which is never fully achieved. 

In order to succeed, companies need to ensure they are building a sustainable, data-driven MarTech ecosystem; starting with the data setup, through to the platform architecture and most importantly the delivery of world-class customer experiences. 

At EnTech, we offer a range of services to help businesses achieve their goals; ranging from a rapid audit of your existing setup to a complete strategic consultation focused on the strategy, procurement and implementation of a best-in-class MarTech ecosystem. 

If you are ready to start building for the future today, please get in touch!

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